GETRAG will be reproducing V160 parts!

According to a contact directly from GETRAG’s successing company MAGNA PT, GETRAG is in the process of starting reproduction of discontinued V160 parts! This is directly coming from a MAGNA PT employee.

MAGNA is currently reaching out to Gearbox specialists in the European Supra scene to assess weaknesses of the current gear and gear shaft design, to implement optimizations into 1993’s V160 design.

We can just assume that this initiative is coming from Toyota’s new GR Heritage Parts programme, where Supra enthusiasts from all over the world are complaining about unavailability of V160 components.

This is not official yet, as MAGNA PT is still investigating and we are still months away before actual production will start!

This is the information the Supra community is waiting for, for ages!!!

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Transmission Code Gear Gear Ratio Sub Type Used with Engine Production Period Description V160 1. 3.827 2JZ-GTE 1993-1998 6-Speed manual transmission built by German manufacturer…


JZA80 Group by German Supra MKIV Group e.V.