Worldwide Supra JZA80 Accessory List

JZA80 Group (by GERMAN SUPRA MKIV GROUP – is proud to present a world’s first: A full compilation of all Toyota-genuine Supra MKIV accessories available on all markets with all their respective local Toyota part numbers. This is an ongoing project as there still may be accessories uncovered, which will be added in the future. Any information on genuine Toyota Supra accessories is highly appreciated with a hint to the source of your information. We are trying to uncover and review all sources available, with local Toyota brochures being the main source to trust.
This list will give any Supra owner and enthusiast the possibility to check upon the accessories installed on to a respective car whether or not they are actual accessories sold by Toyota.


  • 1993 Japenese Accessories Brochure (Print No. 55HY5071)
  • 1996 Japanese Accessories Brochure (Print No. 55HY6511)
  • 1997 Japanese Accessories Brochure (Print No. 55HY9164)
  • US Accessories Brochure (Print No. 00107-00111)
  • US Accessories Brochure (Print No. 00107-00170)
  • 1994 German Accessories Brochure “Zubehörprgramm” (Print No. 18527)
  • German Overall Toyota Accessories Catalog (special Thanks to Arne)
  • 1993 Dutch Market Press Release
  • Various Posts by Mr. Curt Aigner from Elmhurst Toyota on for US market P/Ns

Accessory Definition

In order to use this list in a proper way a definition of the term needs to be established, as there are various interpretations available misleading interested individuals.

A vehicle accessory is distinct to a vehicle option.
Options are factory-installed, thus can be found in Toyota’s electronic part’s catalogue (EPC).
Accessories however are either dealer- or port-installed. They are not found in the Toyota EPC. They are usually limited to a certain local market, hence only described in local Toyota importer parts catalogues or brochures.

Worldwide Accessory List

We compiled all the information available into one list. The list is giving you a description of the accessory item, it’s (local) part number and the source we have sourced the part number from. Please bare in mind, these part numbers are local Toyota part numbers. In most cases, you won’t find US accessory items through Toyota Japan’s part system, Japanese accessory items through Toyota Europe’s part system, and so on.
Almost all items are discontinued and only available as used parts.

Where available, official sales names have been added on Audio Systems and such.

Worldwide Accessory ListSystemPart Number SourceSecondary Source
Audio Systems
Double DIN Headunit with AV Color DisplayKVT-502008545-0016055HY5071
Installation Kit08541-1401055HY5071
Voice Navigation ComputerNVA-V1008670-1201055HY5071
Installation Kit08673-1201055HY5071
6 CD ChangerHDT-06008601-0056055HY507155HY6511
CD Changer Cover08601-1402055HY507155HY6511
CD Changer Remote ControlRP-312008601-0054055HY5071
Single DIN Headunit with Tape Deck and CD Changer ControlTST-512508600-0058055HY507155HY6511
Single DIN Headunit with Tape Deck and CD Changer Control and DSPTSP-542508600-0060055HY507155HY6511
Single DIN Headunit with Tape Deck, 3 MD Changer and CD Changer ControlTMT-502008600-0063055HY507155HY6511
Single DIN Headunit with CD Player and CD Changer ControlTCN-502008600-0066055HY507155HY6511
Double DIN Headunit with CD Player and Tape DeckKCP-502008600-0062055HY507155HY6511
11- Band Graphic EqualizerEN-512008692-0017055HY507155HY6511
Multi Audio Remote Control08540-0017655HY507155HY6511
Single DIN Installation Frame55521-1603055HY507155HY6511
Installation Bolts90159-5020455HY507155HY6511
Voice Navigation SystemNVA-V6008670-0002055HY6511
Voice Navigation SystemNVN-V6008670-0003055HY6511
Voice Navigation SystemNVD-V6008670-0004055HY6511
Voice Navigation System Installation Kit08673-1201055HY6511
VICS System Receiver for NVA-V6008660-0012055HY6511
VICS System Receiver for NVN-V6008660-0013055HY6511
VICS System Receiver for NVD-V6008660-0011055HY6511
VICS FM Distributor08661-0018055HY6511
Voice Control System Card Driver for NVA-V6008675-0010055HY6511
Voice Control System Card Driver for NVN-V6008675-0011055HY6511
Voice Control System Card Driver for NVD-V6008675-0012055HY6511
Voice Control System Speech Recognition Card08675-0013055HY6511
AV TV Tuner08545-0021055HY6511
TV Pole Antenna08544-0012055HY6511
CD-Deck 1-DIN08601-0063055HY6511
Single DIN Headunit FM08600-0068055HY6511
Audio System Upgrade Harness08695-0026055HY6511
Car Video Deck08540-0013055HY6511
Car Video Deck Fitting Kit08541-0004055HY6511
Car Video Deck Relay Code08541-0009055HY6511
Car Video Deck Adapter86191-3201055HY6511
Air Refreshener
Air Refreshener08974-1201055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge Deodorant08975-0001055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge Pop Mint08975-0002055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge Morning Green08975-0003055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge Southern Floral08975-0004055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge White Harp08975-0005055HY5071
Air Refreshener Cartridge Exotic Bouquet08975-0006055HY5071
Wood Decor08172-1403055HY5071
Wood Decor (Post-Facelift)08172-1404055HY6511
Carbon Decor (only Post-Facelift)08172-14050
Aluminum Pedal (MT vehicles only)08487-1400155HY507155HY6511
Aluminum Foot Rest08790-1400155HY507155HY6511
Knee Support Bolsters Black08258-14001-C055HY507155HY6511
Toyota 1-Din Multi Box08171-0002055HY507155HY6511
1-DIN Drawer08171-0004055HY6511
1-DIN “Secret Box” with safe08171-0003055HY6511
“Supra” Trunk Mat08213-1402255HY5071
“Supra” Trunk Mat (Post-Facelift w cutout)08213-1403255HY6511
Conlight (Ambient Lighting)08640-0021055HY507155HY6511
Aluminum Instrument Bezels (3 Rings)08172-1402055HY5071
Aluminum Instrument Bezels (5 Rings, Post-Facelift)08172-1406055HY6511
Green Leg Room Lighting08527-1401055HY507155HY6511
Antistatic Plate08172-0003055HY507155HY6511
Electronic Compass08679-0002055HY5071
“Supra” Rear Window Sunstrip08230-1426055HY507155HY6511
Rear Window One-way mirrored safety tint08230-1427055HY6511
Toyota Mascot Key “Elegant”08196-0030055HY507155HY6511
Toyota Mascot Key “Casual”08196-0030155HY507155HY6511
Toyota Mascot Key “Modern”08196-0030255HY507155HY6511
Toyota Handy Key Set08196-00210-0355HY507155HY6511
Red Door Opening Lights08525-1401155HY507155HY6511
Front Mud Flaps76095-1401055HY507155HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) unpainted?08150-14020-C155HY5071
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Silver Metallic08150-14020-B055HY5071
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Super Red IV08150-14020-C055HY5071
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Black08150-14020-D055HY5071
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) unpainted? (Post-Facelift)08150-14030-C155HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Super White(Post-Facelift)08150-14030-A055HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Silver Metallic (Post-Facelift)08150-14030-B055HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Super Red IV (Post-Facelift)08150-14030-C055HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Black (Post-Facelift)08150-14030-D055HY6511
Side Mud Guards (Side Skirts and Rear Spats) Grayish Green (Post-Facelift)08150-14030-G055HY6511
Right Skirt 08156-14010Installation Instruction
Left Skirt 08156-14020Installation Instruction
Right Spat 08158-14010Installation Instruction
Left Spat 08158-14020Installation Instruction
Wheel Nuts with Safety Key08456-0005055HY507155HY6511
16″ Magnesium Alloy Wheel Front 8JJx1608457-1401055HY5071
16″ Magnesium Alloy Wheel Rear 9JJx1608457-1402055HY5071
Park Distance Control Sensor Front08529-1405155HY5071
Park Distance Control Sensor Rear Left08529-1406155HY5071
Park Distance Control Sensor Rear Left and Right08529-1407055HY5071
Side Graphics Vinyl “Supra”08231-1418055HY507155HY6511
Side Graphics Vinyl “Supra” with Design08231-1419055HY5071
Side Graphics Vinyl “Supra” Sports Type Dark08231-1421055HY6511
Side Graphics Vinyl “Supra” Sports Type Light08231-1422055HY6511
Front Active Spoiler “Supra” Graphic08231-1417055HY507155HY6511
Front Fender “Supra” Graphics with Design08231-1420055HY5071
“Supra” Decor Sticker Set08231-1423055HY6511
Crystal Rear Supra Badge08275-1405055HY507155HY6511
Gold Color Toyota Logo Front08275-1401055HY5071
Gold Color Toyota Logo Rear08275-1402055HY5071
Silver Color Toyota Logo Front08275-1403055HY5071
Silver Color Toyota Logo Rear08275-1404055HY5071
Gold Color Toyota Logo Front (Post-Facelift)08275-2049055HY6511
Gold Color Toyota Logo Rear (Post-Facelift)08275-1406055HY6511
Silver Color Toyota Logo Front (Post-Facelift)08275-1407055HY6511
Silver Color Toyota Logo Rear (Post-Facelift)08275-1408055HY6511
Roof Rack Base System for Liftback08370-1402055HY507155HY6511
Roof Rack Base System for Aerotop08370-1403055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with horizontal key (Type A) for 4 skis08383-0010055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with horizontal key (Type A) for 2 skis08383-0008055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with horizontal key (Type B) for 4 skis08383-0021055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with horizontal key (Type B) for 2 skis08383-0020055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with vertical key for 4 skis08383-0014055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack with vertical key for 2 skis08383-0015055HY507155HY6511
Ski Roof Rack Ski Stick Holder for 2 sticks08383-0009055HY507155HY6511
Ski and Snowboard Rack Attachment08383-0012055HY6511
Surf Board Roof Rack08381-0006055HY507155HY6511
Roof Basket08384-0013055HY507155HY6511
Windsurfing Board Roof Rack08381-0007055HY507155HY6511
Bicycle Roof Rack (1 piece)08387-0001055HY507155HY6511
Roof Box08309-0002055HY507155HY6511
Roof Box with dedicated ski rack attachment08383-0011055HY507155HY6511
Rear Window Visor (Roof Spoiler)08616-1406055HY507155HY6511
Rear License Plate Garnish08409-1401055HY507155HY6511
Side Window Visors (not applicable on Aerotop vehicles)08613-1413055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips White08265-00050-A055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Silver08265-00050-B055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Dark Silver08265-00050-B155HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Black08265-00050-C055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Red Mica08265-00050-D055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Dark Green08265-00050-G055HY507155HY6511
Door Edge Protection Strips Blue08265-00050-J055HY6511
Front Window Cover08202-0012055HY5071
Front Window Cover08202-0016055HY6511
Car Cover w/o Rear Spoiler08202-1417555HY6511
Car Cover w Rear Spoiler08202-1418555HY6511
Remote Door Lock Release Body Set (Key FOB)08190-0021055HY507155HY6511
Remote Door Lock Release Transmitter (Key FOB)08192-0021055HY507155HY6511
Remote Door Lock Release Body Set (Separate FOB)08190-0020055HY507155HY6511
Remote Door Lock Release Transmitter (Separate FOB)08192-0020055HY507155HY6511
Remote Door Lock Release Wiring08191-1404055HY5071
Remote Door Lock Release Wiring (Post-Facelift)08191-1405055HY6511
Auto Alarm with wireless Door Lock08585-0002055HY6511
Remote Start with Door Lock Function08180-0010055HY507155HY6511
Remote Start w/o Door Lock Function08180-0009055HY507155HY6511
Remote Start Wiring08181-1401055HY5071
Remote Start Wiring (Post-Facelift)08181-1402055HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector White08266-00050-A055HY507155HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector Super Silver08266-00050-B055HY507155HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector Silver Metallic08266-00050-B155HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector Black08266-00050-C055HY507155HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector Blueish Gray08266-00050-B255HY507155HY6511
Bumper Corner Protector Dark Green08266-00050-G055HY507155HY6511
Pure Sports Floor Mats “Confetti”08210-14020-B055HY5071
Pure Sports Floor Mats Gray08210-14029-B055HY5071
Pure Sports Floor Mats “Confetti” (Post-Facelift)08210-1403055HY6511
Pure Sports Floor Mats Black (Post-Facelift)08210-1403955HY6511
Full Seat Cover Black08215-1470155HY5071
Half Seat Cover08220-1455355HY5071
Full Seat Cover Sports Type (Post-Facelift)08215-1401755HY6511
Half Seat Cover Sports Type (Post-Facelift)08220-1401755HY6511
License Plate Frame 90-type Stainless Steel08407-0009055HY507155HY6511
License Plate Frame 41-type Stainless Steel08407-0004155HY507155HY6511
Snow Chains for 16″ Wheels08321-1110055HY507155HY6511
Snow Chains for 17″ Wheels Front08325-1105055HY5071
Snow Chains for 16″ Wheels Front 245/45-16 (sic!?)08325-1109055HY6511
Snow Chains for 17″ Wheels Rear08325-1107055HY507155HY6511
German Accessories
OZ Mito Wheels Front 9Jx1842611-19002-8318527
OZ Mito Wheels Rear 10Jx1842611-19003-8318527
Wheel Lock90942-10004-8318527
Bilstein Sport Coilovers (-15mm fr/-20mm r)48130-01002-8318527+Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
Rear Hatch Rack Base System63101-00312-8318527
Luggage Hatch Rack63101-00314-8318527+Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
Ski Hatch Rack for 4 Skis63101-00313-8318527+Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
Floor Mat Set Velours (4 pcs)58500-20020-8318527
Floor Mat Set Rubber (2 pcs)58511-38820-8318527
6 CD ChangerMASH08601-0081618527+93.45.63
CD Changer Installation Kit08601-1401018527+93.45.63+Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
CD-Deck 1-DIN08601-0083018527
Cassette Box58810-21077-8318527+Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
Portable Phone Docking Station58811-00008-8318527
6 CD Changer HDT-00108601-00827Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
CD Changer 1-DIN Control UnitRT-300008601-00828Zubehör Programm KW 41/96
US Accessories
front end mask00218-14930Curt Aigner
mudguards frt76095-14010Curt Aigner
wheel locks00276-14930Curt Aigner
floor mats blk/ivory logo00200-14930-08Curt Aigner
floor mats blk/silver logo00200-14930-13Curt Aigner
floor mats blk/SE logo00200-14950-01Curt Aigner
Auto-reverse cassette deck
Single DIN CD Deck08601-0081293 Product Source
CD Changer – Toyota 3D CD (3-disc-in-dash)L420108601-00863?
Theft Deterrent System Enhancement Kit MY 93.5-9408585-14810Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent System Enhancement Kit MY 9508585-14812Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent System Enhancement ECU MY 93.5-9500398-00922Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent System Fitting Kit MY 96-97RS300008586-14830Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent System ECU Kit MY 96-97RS300008585-00920Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent System ECU Kit MY 9808585-00921 Curt Aigner
Theft Deterrent Replacement ECU MY 96-98RS300008190-00921Curt Aigner
Glass Breakage Sensor08192-00970Installation Instruction
Keyless Entry System Base Kit MY 96-9708585-00940Installation Instruction
Keyless Entry System Fitting Kit MY 96-9708586-14820Installation Instruction
Keyless Entry System ECU MY 96-9708190-00930Installation Instruction
Remote Control Transmitter08191-00870Installation Instruction
Engine Block Heater
Cellular Telephone 
US Accessories – Emblems
gold NA kit [no “turbo”logo]00211-14950Curt Aigner
gold TT kit  [w/”turbo” logo]00211-14970Curt Aigner
gold SE kit00211-14954Curt Aigner
gold SE logo only00211-14953Curt Aigner
gold ctr cap logo00211-00951Curt Aigner
gold ant. Nut00577-35950Curt Aigner
gold “logo”frt00211-14956Curt Aigner
gold “toyota”00211-14951Curt Aigner
gold “supra”00211-14952Curt Aigner
gold “logo”rear00211-14957Curt Aigner
15th anniv.logos blk00211-14971-01Curt Aigner
15th anniv.logos silver00211-14971-28Curt Aigner
SE side stripes rh00211-4R951Curt Aigner
SE side stripes lh00211-4L951Curt Aigner
“turbo”logo {small brushed Aluminium w/black letters used by Toyota Southeast Distributors.94-95?TT}00016-23940Curt Aigner
Accent Stripe SA1Only Toyota US Southeast
UK Accessories
Black RHD Floor
Beige RHD Floor

Unknown Accessories

As mentioned beforehand, this list is in no way complete and is only compiling items, that most Supra enthusiasts will already know. There are however possible offical accessories that are not listed yet.
One sample is accessories that might have been available through Toyota US Southeast dealerships. It appears as if Supras delivered in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South- an North Caroline were available with distinct accessory packages only available when bought through dealerships contracted by Toyota of Southeast. They seem to include the following items:

  • “turbo” Badge already listed
  • Chrome 17″ wheels (not polished like on 97+ US-Spec cars)
  • Distinct pin stripe stickers on both side
  • Wood grain application on the interior

So far we couldn’t validate any Toyota Southeast Accessories with exception of the “turbo” badge. We are happy for being hinted on any official Toyota sales literature with listing either Southeast or any other local or international market. We will update the list as soon as we are able to locate and validate any other offical Toyota accessory items, that are Supra-specific.

Japanese Audio Systems

Another topic not yet covered by this article is the annual updates on Multimedia accessories available through Japanese Toyota dealers. With Japan having an extremely demanding and progressive customer base, Toyota offered almost annual updates on Radio headunits, Navigation systems, TV receivers and others. This included 3G internet connections, DVD, Traffic information, etc. already in the 1990s.

These headunits and multimedia items are usually not Supra-specific. They were updated almost annually on the overall Supra brochure and not described in the detail. So far, we did only add the Mutimedia accessories, which are actually listed in any kind of Supra-specific accessory literature.

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