GR Heritage Parts – Toyota Classic Parts Remanufacturing has launched

Tokyo, January 2020. Finally, what Supra-Fans have been desperately awaiting has been finally announced by Toyota Motor Company during the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon: A Toyota subdivision solely responsible for reproduction and distribution of classic Toyota car parts has been launched, starting with the A70 and A80 Supra models.

After competitors like Nissan and Mazda have already started on focussing on their brand heritage, world’s largest car maker Toyota couldn’t wait any longer to not let down their worldwide community. In fact, this can be seen as an achievement of the worldwide Supra community. By pampering and using these cars for years and years the Supra community made this car into a halo car, being something very special not only to Supra enthusiasts, but also to car fans in general worldwide. Finally, Toyota has recognized the value the Supra has to its own brand reputation.

Reproduction for A80 models will start in 2020, with sales planned for 2021 with the following parts:
– Headlights
– Door Handles
– Brake Boosters

But you are also invited to let Toyota know which parts you need for your Supra in future, register on the official homepage: GR Heritage Parts

The development Japanese car manufactures undergo currently is particularly interesting with respect to the difference in culture. While for decades old cars have been seen in Japan as just what they are, old cars, traditional European and American car manufactures have always been eagerly looking after their brand heritage.

Mercedes-Benz is the leader in this market, as the German car manufacturer is promising to deliver replacement parts for any of their cars ever built. Porsche does take a similar approach. Jaguar and MOPAR (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) do offer classic parts for a selection of their past vehicles.

Nissan and Mazda were the first Japanese car manufacturers to offer similar classic parts programs, with Toyota finally being the third Japanese manufacturer showing an interest in their brand’s heritage.

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