GCC-Spec and Gen-Model Production Data

GCC-Spec Production Data

040 Super White10212
199 Alpine Silver17219
1A1 Anhracite10111
202 Black20525
3L2 Renaissance Red23629
6P3 DJG303
752 Baltic Blue16420

While being available as MT only in the beginning, Toyota started to offer these vehicles in AT (A343) configuration by mid of 1994.

Toyota New Car Features 1993: GCC-Spec Model only available in Manual Configuration in the beginning

GEN-Model Production Data

040 Super White516
199 Alpine Silver325
202 Black336
3L2 Renaissence Red8412
752 Baltic Blue202

A total of only 31 Supra JZA80 have been manufactured in the General Specification. Out of these only 10 have been manufactured in RHD configuration, leaving the Gen-Spec RHD Supra the rarest Supra version ever.

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