EU-Spec RHD / UK-Spec Production Data

1678 pieces of the the Supra JZA80 have been manufactured in the European Specification (EU-Spec or less common Euro-Spec). These vehicles can be identified by the “W” at the end of the Model Code.

EU-Spec Production Data

EU-Spec 1678
UK/Australasia 683
LHD 995

Out of these 1678 vehicles 683 vehicles are RHD (so-called UK-Spec and also for Australasia). They bear an “R” in the Model Code. 995 vehicles are LHD (“L” in the Model Code).

EU-Spec RHD (UK-Spec/Australasia) Production Data

UK-Spec/Australasia Hardtop   AT MT
040 White 90 64 26
199 Alpine 154 98 56
1A1 Anthracite 6 3 3
202 Black 130 93 37
3L2 Red 162 109 53
752 Baltic 134 96 38
SUM 676 463 213

Out of 683 UK-Spec/Australasia (EU-Spec RHD) vehicles 7 have been neglected in the table above, being pre-production vehicles: 6 out of them are specified as Targas, however the EU-Spec RHD (UK-Spec) has never been available as Targa/Aerotop. One vehicles bears the non-existing paint code “575”.
The official count of sold vehicles by Toyota UK is 623 Supra JZA80.

Thus the remaining ca. 50 vehicles were destined for Australasia: New Zealand, Brunei and possibly Malaysia and Thailand.

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