Complete J-Spec Equipment Overviews

The GERMAN SUPRA MKIV GROUP ( is proud to share with you: The total overview of J-Spec equipments over the model years. With Supras becoming increasingly sought after and fewer and fewer unmodified cars around, it becomes more and more important to enthusiasts and collectors worldwide to make sure what equipment grade and actual coniguration a Supra is coming in. This information is available nowhere else on the net!

Overview of Japanese Equipment Grades

Audio Systems
Brake Systems
Drive Shafts
Engine Compartment
Technical Specifications
Wheels and Tires

With J-Spec cars coming in a variety of different equipment grades, with various minor changes over the years and all of the documentation coming in Japanese, this information is hard to come by.
All the information is displayed in well-arranged tables making it easy to compare different equipment grades.

We do not take credit for these tables as they were compiled by the former Japanese site “80Supra History” which unfortunately has been taken down. It is our strong believe that this information shouldn’t disappear from the net, making it available in its original Japanese language version.

On every page there is a direct link to the Bing English translation of the site, the best Japanese-English web page translator currently available.

The pages are part of the J-Spec Section of our article section.

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