World Exclusive: EU-Spec (Euro-Spec) LHD Sales Data per Country

The German Supra MKIV Group e.V. is proud to release the official Sales Statistics per Country for all European Countries for all EU-Spec LHD vehicles ever sold. This is data that has never been compiled before and should be of high importance as the Supra MKIV and especially its rare variants become more and more sought after by collectors worldwide. This is data coming directly from Toyota.
Furthermore the numbers are broken down by paint color, Transmission type and Roof Version for every single country.

The EU-Spec Supra is the rarest of all Turbo-Versions sold worldwide (995 LHD Cars only), and even more interesting if broken down by the different destinations over Europe. Ever seen a Supra MKIV in Gibraltar?

Please be advised that we are not able to disclose any more detailed information, due to privacy protection of the vehicles and their owners.

The following table is an overview of all ever produced Left-Hand Drive (LHD) EU-Spec (Euro-Spec) vehicles and the countries they have been destined to.
The table is broken down into paint colours, Transmission and Roof Versions.

907 Targa/Aerotop Vehicles have been manufactured
88 Hardtop Vehicles have been manufactured
501 Vehicles with A343E Transmission have been manufactured
494 Vehicles with V160 Transmission have been manufactured
AT:MT Quota 50:50
One vehicle has been manufactured in the officially not in Europe available paint code 6P3 (Dark Jewel Green).

Source: Official Toyota Europe Sales Data

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