Official Paint Sales Names by Market Designation with Sample pictures

Paint CodeYears offeredJapanUSAGermanyUKVehicles ManufacturedSample PicAnnotation
1991993-1997Silver MetallicAlpine Silver MetallicSilber MetalicLucerne Silver10496
2021993-2002BlackBlackSchwarzAstral Black10796
0401993-2002Super White IISuper WhiteWeißPure White8740
7521993-1996Deep Teal MetallicBaltic BlueTürkis MetallicStorm Blue1610
3L21993-2001Super Red IVRenaissence RedRotRosso7533
1A11993-1996Dark Grey Mica MetallicAnthracite MetallicGraphit Mica Metallic872
0511995Diamond White Pearl458Only available on US-Spec MY95 "Supra SE" version
6N01996-2002Grayish Green Mica Metallic1466
6P31995-1997Dark Green Mica MetallicDeep Jewel Green Pearl503
6Q71997-1998Imperial Jade Mica102
8L51996-2002Blue Mica MetallicRoyal Saphire Pearl691
1B91997-2002Silver Metallic GraphiteQuicksilver FX1051
5761999-2002Super Bright Yellow43
3P02001-2002Super Red V57
5751Pre-production vehicle. This color code doesn't exist at Toyota. According to Toyota's paint code nomenclature this should be a yellow paint.
6M21This is a Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC paint code which shared the same plattform and production line with the A80 Supra. This is probably a one-off Supra painted in this color. Official sales name for color: Royal Jade (USA), Dark Green Metallic (JP)

Left out cells indicate this particular color hasn’t been officially available in this market (e.g. 1A1 in the UK or IJM in JP).

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