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General Models and GCC-Spec

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GCC-Spec and GEN Models, LHD)

JZA80 Supras have been sold in two very rare LHD versions which were only available together with Natural aspiration. They don’t come with a Targa roof but ivory leather seats are standard.
These cars come with a driver’s airbag, but without one for the passenger. Unlike J-Spec cars which have a second glove box instead of the airbag GCC-Spec and GEN-Model cars do come with a cover plate.
Both Versions were only available as 5-Speed manual transmission vehicles. Later GCC-Spec vehicles were optionally equipped with the European-Version Automatic Transmission A343E.



7jpgn-1-300x201 General Models and GCC-Spec

GCC.Spec Interior: Cover Plate instead of Passenger Airbag









2jpgo-1-300x201 General Models and GCC-Spec

GCC-Spec Front View








5jpgw-1-300x201 General Models and GCC-Spec

GCC-Spec Rear View








The Gulf- or GCC-Spec version has been sold in the countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
They come with a differential oil cooler as standard equipment, same as vehicles in European specification.
This specification was possibly also available in the People’s Republic of China. But due to the lack of official sales literature there is no confimration to this.

IMG-20160711-WA0026_164f7363e5 General Models and GCC-Spec

Supra at Shanghai Autoshow, 1993


genfront-1-300x166 General Models and GCC-Spec

GEN Model, Curacao

genheck-2-300x205 General Models and GCC-Spec

Netherlands Antilles







The GEN-Model version was destined for the “Rest of the world” and was sold in some countries in South America. The equipment is the same as Gulf-Spec cars, but GEN-Model cars come with EU-Spec rear lights. They do not share the differential cooler with the Gulf-Spec version.

Supra2_neu_in_chile-300x208 General Models and GCC-Spec

Supra Gen Model, ca. 1995








Supra3_neu_in_chile-300x208 General Models and GCC-Spec

Toyota Dealership in Peru (Mitsui la Molina)








Supra_neu_in_chile-300x208 General Models and GCC-Spec

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