10 Years of German MKIV Group Meetings: A Retrospective

This Year is the 10th anniversary of the meetings held by the German Supra MKIV Group. Time for a short retrospective.

Bitburg 2008

The first meeting is dated back to 2008. It was organized by Marc at the Quarter Mile Race at the Airfield of Bitburg.
Vigil’s appearance at the meeting was legendary: He trailered his beast with a Turbodiesel Audi Q7 as his drawing vehicle. A mobile dyno was at place which was a highlight: Everyone gathered around it and watched the scenery in their camping seats. International guests visited us, too: Bonjour to our French Supra Brethren!


Luckau 2009

In order to make the event more attractive to our friends from Berlin, the 2009 meeting was placed in Luckau in East Germany. Organization was done by Eddie. The highlight was an internal 1/4 mile competition, which was won by Sami.

Hockenheimring 2010

In the following year the meeting was done – again – at a 1/4 mile race event, this time at the Hockenheim Racetrack.
Organizational Board: Sascha and Rockatanski.

  • Thx to Lennart and Maik for the pictures!


Eisenach 2011

A last time Quarter Mile: German Racewars.
Images will follow

Daun 2012

The first time at the Nürburgring: In 2012 our dear member Holger took over the organization of all meetings to follow up to day. Later on Gian and his father formed a team together with him. Thanks Guys!
We were happy to welcome some Members from the US Military, who were stationed in Germany. Kinda strange for me seeing Chris’ black 98 US-Spec again a coupe of years later on another continent: In Las Vegas.
Non-automotive highlight: Bird of Prey Show.


Thale 2013

It was cold and moist in Thale in the Harz Mountains. The attitude: Great, nevertheless. Highlight GT-Masters Race at the Racetrack of Oschersleben with former Supra Drivers Philip Geipel and Dominik Farnbacher.

Daun 2013

One meeting was not enough in 2013. We infiltrated the Nürburgring! The picture in the Karussel is legendary.

Edersee 2014

A certain constant for our annual meeting: Lake Edersee in a pictoresque scenery!

Edersee 2015

Lake Edersee: A second Time. Including a handcar race on railway tracks.

Neubulach 2016

Southern Germany was infrequently the spot for our meeting. Baden-Württemberg had to be visited. The Black Forest has nice corner’s too. Yes, Supra Drivers play Indoor Soccer. We should stick to Driving, though: No stamina.

Nürburgring 2017

Time for the ultimate Highlight: Dragonball meets German Supra MKIV Group: jza80.de/en/the-jza80-de-meeting-2017-a-multinational-event-held-at-the-nuerburgring

65 Supras: UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Hungary!

The best meeting so far. And foundation of our club. Did we have a village full of Supras? Yes we did!

Nürburgring 2018

10 Years of German Supra MKIV Group Meetings. June 14th-17th. Stay tuned!

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