[BIETE] Amuse / TBdev 3.5"catback

Almost new, max 200km.
Copy and improved design of the Amuse R1

Sound is slightly quieter than a nür spec.

- 100% stainless steel
- Hand made muffler, 100% stainless, even the inside
- Laser cut flanges
- Custom poly bush bracket
- Fits to the stock cat
- 3 piece system

All work done by TB Developments in the UK.

Asking price 800 €

Prefer local pickup in Meppel, the Netherlands.



Re: [BIETE] Amuse / TBdev 3.5"catback

I had an Amuse Catback on mine as well. Liked the sound of it, but it was too loud and too big in my opinion. The tip on these things is huge. I can relate on why you wanna sell it. Great exhaust though if one likes it loud