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“German Supra MKIV Group e.V.” has been founded in 2017 under German Law, to give the German MKIV Supra Community a home. Our club is responsible for the Internet platform and the community behind it. We lay claim for being the representative organization connecting the whole German-speaking community.

Main Aims for our club, as taken from our Club Statute:

1. Association of Interested People, Enthusiasts and Veteran Carers, interested in Cars made by Toyota, Type Supra JZA80, with engines baring the “2JZ”-Name Plate and their modifications.
2. Collection and Preservation of Experience and Knowledge related to these vehicle’s Conservation, Restauration and Design and make them available to our members.
3. Preservation of this part of the Automotive Heritage for the Present and the Future.
4. Lay Foundation for the Sustainment of the remaining vehicles still in existance.
5. Maintain the idea of international understanding by approaching and organizing national and international events.

We pursue these aims mainly by making our plattform available to the public, by organizing annual events and by creating networks and ties between our members.

Of course, being an official club member is not compulsory in order to participate in our forums and our meetings.
However, it gives people a chance to officially support our work, beyond the sole participation in our network.
We are happy to invite anyone interested to officially join our club by filling out the attached form (German language only so far, but will be broadened in future).

Beyond that, we are working on creating unique benefits for our club members, such as special rates for German Car Insurance, Discounts at associated shops and participation in Group Buys.
The annual membership rate is 60 Euros. Our annual conference with elections of the Club Bodies is part of our annual MKIV Meeting.

Link to the form (German only)

Statutes – German Supra MKIV Group e.V. (German only)

Contact details (Post mail or Email):

§ 5 TMG:

German Supra MKIV Group e.V.,
c/o Martin Schmidt
Beethovenstraße 5,
66111 Saarbrücken


VR 5583, Statutes from 13.05.2017