Too much treble - should I just change the door coax speakers?

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Too much treble - should I just change the door coax speakers?

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Okay this might be an easy one, I just wanna make sure. First, here's my setup:

Kenwood headunit
Focal Solid 4 amp
Coaxial Focal door speakers
Stock front tweeters
Wicked CAS 2x6 subbox with JL Audio 3W3
No rear speakers

The trouble is I'm getting too much treble. I can change the headunit's settings to lower high frequency levels but it's still a tad too much.
Do I just replace the front 2-way coax Focal speakers with one-way speakers and it should sort of solve the problem? I'm saying "sort of" because ideally I would install crossovers between the amp and the door speakers/stock tweeters, but I don't want to install crossovers. I don't want it to be absolutely perfect. I did the setup myself years ago so I don't recall the exact wiring but I've used adapters so the amp is wired directly to the stock loom for the front.

I should have cleaned it up when I did the heater matrix job 😄

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